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Useful calligraphy links

The First Writing Book   Arrighi's Operina (Illustated left)
Victoria and Albert Museum  Modern Calligraphy Collection.
Modern Italic handwriting  How to write beautifully.
  Suppliers of calligraphy materials.

Classic books on the subject
Ugo da Carpi, Thesauro de Scrittori 1535, Nattali & Maurice 1968
John Howard Benson, The First Writing Book, Arrighi's Operina, 1955
Edward Johnston, Writing Illuminating and Lettering, 1906
Graily Hewitt, Lettering, Seeley Service 1954
Alfred Fairbank, A Handwriting Manual, Faber and Faber 1955.
A. S. Osley, Scribes and Sources, Faber and Faber 1980.